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Imagine your wildest creations coming to life. Our team has developed a revolutionary platform giving users access to a groundbreaking game that uses augmented reality for education purposes.

About us

To improve educational outcomes in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Explore! utilizes augmented reality technology, allowing 3D objects (such as a wire, battery, light bulb, etc.) to appear on the students’ desk when holding the device’s camera over our Explore! Cards ©. Through two distinct modes, Create and Challenge, users will use their hands to interact with 3D objects that behave like real world items.

In the Create mode, a virtual laboratory is set up, where users can create concepts (such as a circuit) without any safety or monetary constraints. The Challenge mode will prompt users to complete tasks that are specifically crafted for each individual learner. This will ensure concept mastery and increase the chances of improving educational outcomes while also having fun!

With the help of professors and advisors from Purdue and Harvard University the Explore! platform is designed to engage users through a tactile learning environment. By making learning seem like play, users can learn concepts required by State Standards, compete socially with their peers through subject challenges, and demonstrate their understanding through creation.



Welcome to a platform which allows you to interact with virtual images in the real world.

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Below is a link to various Explore! Kits. Purchasing an Explore! kit will allow your mobile device to display a transformational learning experience. Additionally, you can trade and share cards with other users to further create!

Learn and collaborate

Our process to gamified education revolves around two factors: internal and external. Internal factors include attributes such as the user’s motivation to “push the limit” of the application, complete difficult challenges, and collaborate with others.

Explore!’s solution to address these attributes include a multi-tiered challenge game mode and innovative achievements that truly push the limit of both our platform and the user’s capabilities. Attributes of user external factors include sharing hi-scores and personal creations with others.

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